Super Girl / Super Guy Program 3 Months

A “tune up” for a healthy adult - learn how to feed yourself well & meet your unique nutritional needs

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Are you wondering if you are doing things the “right way” when it comes to nutrition? Are you embarking upon some other great endeavor (like getting married, heading off to college, training for a sports event, traveling to another country, or starting a new job) and wanting to know how to feed yourself well and meet your unique nutritional needs? Are you ready to focus on yourself and wanting a tune-up so you can feel your best?

If your family is complete and the children are growing, perhaps you are ready to focus on yourself again.

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Right plan, right now

No matter where you are in life, self-care, proper nutrition and lifestyle modifications can ensure the best years of your life are also the healthiest! This program is a great “tune-up” for someone without complex health issues.

Staying in shape and eating healthy is a goal for millions of individuals across the country. But, it can be hard to eat right and stay fit when you do not have the knowledge or experience to know exactly what your unique body needs.

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All About You

Anyone can surf the Web for info, or buy the latest health book on Amazon. A doctor tells you one thing, a friend another, you read something in a fitness magazine, or you see supplements on the shelf at Costco - we are bombarded with confusing information about how to manage our health.

With the Super Girl/Super Guy Program you learn how to balance your body with healthy eating, quality lifestyle choices, and a comprehensive nutritional supplement regimen that is 100% geared towards your needs and goals.

The Super Girl/Super Guy Program is perfect for a bride or groom, empty nesters, older teens, college students, athletes and health nuts who want to go a little further in understanding their unique biochemical needs.

Call it a crash-course nutrition program designed for nourishing your body and feeling your best.

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Add-on detox program option

Many who embark upon the Super Girl/Super Guy Program are ready for a metabolic detox using the Metagenics Clear Change Program. This 10-day program is available at an additional cost and is the perfect jump-start to help you to lose unwanted pounds, detoxify harmful chemicals from deep inside your organs and tissues and reset a healthy, powerful metabolism.

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When to start

As soon as you are ready to jump in! As soon as your light bulb goes off that your health, happiness and the achievement of your bigger life goals and dreams might depend on some nutritional focus.

3 months is the right amount of time to kick-start your personalized nutrition program and make some serious progress. 3 months is also perfect if you have something else you are ready to embark upon - a trip, a wedding, heading to college, or even a marathon. This program will help you achieve it happily and healthfully!

Note: The Super Girl/Super Guy Program is geared towards individuals who do not have complex health issues or a recent diagnosis which may require more support and advanced nutritional focus. See the Happy & Healthy Adult if you are thinking you might require enhanced assistance with digestive, thyroid, hormone, or autoimmune issues.

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Super Girl/Super Guy Program (3 month plan) includes:

New Client Intake Session/Individual + Customized Plan
This is a 75-minute initial intake session for an individual ready to take on the world. We will have a detailed intake and launch into action steps right away. Utilizing existing labs, medical history paperwork, goal setting documents, action plan exercises, we will come away with knowing the exact direction we want to go for your customized nutrition program to boost health and vitality.

Nutrition Session - one 60-minute follow up
This session helps us stay focused on the program, review additional details when they arise, prepare personalized supplement regimens and implement the customized nutrition program in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Nutrition Sessions - two 30-minute follow ups
These sessions are great for answering your questions, checking in on what is working and what is not. Also, accountability, connection and knowing that you have an advocate in your corner on a regular basis are a critical piece of being successful.

Bio-Impedance Analysis Tests - two tests
We start with a “before” test in order to best understand your unique body composition, hydration status, resting metabolic rate and cellular health status. Many of our goals will be dependant on this test and my interpretation. We get to do the “after” test once we have started to implement the customized nutrition program (and possibly complete the Metagenics Clear Change metabolic detoxification program), so we literally get to see the fruits of your hard work.

ADD-ON OPTIONS (additional fees apply)

Depending on your unique health and nutrition goals, additional laboratory tests are important - and sometimes required - to assess your unique situation. Ask me about functional/nutritional lab testing in your free phone consultation.