Springboard Detox

This is the essential jump-start for those who want to lose unwanted pounds, detoxify harmful chemicals from deep inside your body, and reset a healthy, powerful metabolism for spring and summer! The springboard you have been waiting for...

Are you looking to invest in the perfect detox program to help you kick-start healthy new habits, restore your vibrance, and make positive changes for better health this spring and summer?

Have you been thinking lately about your liver? Your digestive organs? Your skin?

Perhaps you have been over-indulging just a bit much? Too many sweets? Alcohol?

Maybe you have just not been paying attention to your body like you want to and it’s telling you something is off.

Do you feel dull, bloated, achy, foggy, edgy?


Springboard Detox can fix that!

Spring is the optimal time to detox because we are ready for change! In the spring, we want to shake off winter weight and get revved up for a healthy and active summer.

Spring is also the perfect time to renew your life. The lighter, warmer days of this magical season give us time to pause and reflect on the kind of body, mind and spirit we want to have all year.

Spring inspires change, growth, re-birth of our best selves.

Spring is for celebrating our incredible bodies!


Love your liver

The liver is the body’s primary detoxifier every single day of our lives. And, the liver is one of the main organs in which excess toxins can accumulate and cause problems.

Our livers process not only the foods and drinks we ingest but also many of the chemicals we encounter in our environment on a daily basis.

And, after this year's long, brutally cold winter, the liver has had to work overtime to battle the onslaught of viruses and bacteria that circulate in the colder months of the year.

If our liver is congested, we cannot heal and we cannot thrive.

When our liver gets overloaded with excess toxins in the winter, we might also experience unwanted, lingering symptoms in spring:

  • Skin or sinus problems
  • Chronic illnesses and infections
  • Digestive disturbances including gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea low appetite, nausea
  • Migraines
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability and mood changes
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Emotional imbalances
  • Changes in hormones

When our liver gets healthy, we get healthy!

In the spring, we are thinking about making a fresh start in many ways... We open up our windows to let in the fresh spring air! Spring cleaning at home helps clear out the clutter! The Springboard Detox gets us back on track to live our healthiest and most vibrant life! Let's get started!
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When to start

When you have tried other "cleanses" with little or no success and need a reboot. Or if you are just sick of feeling sick. Or if your case of the winter blues is lasting on in to spring...

...in other words, Now!

This spring, you can start the Springboard Detox and participate in an incredible detoxification program - tailored just for you!

The program is just TEN DAYS!

Anyone can do anything in ten days...

And, working together one-on-one is a sure-fire way to see the results you desire in a short period of time.

Throughout this spring-and-summer-friendly detox, you have space to establish the good habits you need to create the kind of health and vibrancy you want for the rest of the year.

The Springboard Detox Program is for anyone - you do not need to be an established client to participate.

Share with your friends and family and start your spring and summer off right!

This powerful detoxification program is available for anyone who wants to detoxify via a simplified diet, supplements and professional support.

When you sign up and pay online, you will receive all the components of the program which will help support your health for the most rejuvenating months of the year.

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Why do a "guided" detox?

Anyone can buy a detox kit!  That does not mean it will be the right program for you.

Not to mention, as long as you are going to INVEST in your health, why not get the best value for your time, energy, money and hard work?

- Have you ever felt like you start projects, and they are kind of hard to finish?

- Do making big changes feel difficult, daunting or downright scary?

- Would it be easier to accomplish big health goals with a partner by your side?

...if you answered YES to any of those questions, then this is the right program for you.

That's because the Springboard Detox program is tailored just for you!

And, this program comes with my full support for the ENTIRE time you are on the program.

Not to mention, my clients LOVE the before and after bio-impedance analysis tests so they can see the results of their hard work and commitment!

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Common Q&As

Why does this program cost $645?

The cost of the program includes the detox supplement kit, two bio-impedance analysis tests, a 50-minute nutrition session with me at the start of the program, and my support and guidance for the duration of your 10-day program. The price is a great value for all of the many benefits!

Why is the program 10 days?

The program's supplement kit is designed as a 10-day detox program. I carefully chose this program because I have found that ten days is the exact right amount of time for someone to make pretty big changes in their food plan. Not to mention, that is the right amount of time to see exciting, lasting results.

Do I have to give up coffee?

The program does suggest that if you are a regular coffee drinker, you give it up for the 10-day program. The benefit of giving up coffee is that you may find your own innate energy will bounce back quickly without the regular use of a stimulant like caffeine.

In addition, you may notice better sleep, less irritability, more focus and attention at work, and an improvement in any digestive complaints.

Am I going to feel sick? I have heard that detoxes can make you really sick.

Everyone is definitely unique in this situation. I believe there are varying degrees of "discomfort" when doing this program. Most people experience changes in their bodies that are primarily positive. But, certainly there are periods of time when you do not quite feel like yourself.

The main side effects people feel on this detox program are: caffeine-withdrawal headaches for a day or so; some fatigue in the afternoon; and changes in digestive patterns.

What are the positive side effects I might feel while doing this program?

That is the best part! Despite some early discomfort as mentioned above, the benefits FAR OUTWEIGH the drawbacks. Positive side effects vary from person to person and are quite numerous.

But, most commonly, people report: feeling more like their "old" selves again; feeling more energetic; sleeping like a log and waking up feeling refreshed; losing cravings for sugar, alcohol, caffeine; fat loss/weight loss is typical but amounts vary person to person; and enjoying eating "clean", nutritious, delicious, and balanced meals again.

Do I get to eat food, or just take supplements?

This is definitely a food-based detox program! Yes, there are supplements you will take during the program, but primarily, the emphasis is on making healthy, balanced, "clean" choices with your food and beverages for the whole ten days.

There are some foods that you are encouraged to elminate for ten days, such as gluten, sugar, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, alcohol and caffeine. The reason for eliminating those foods is to lower the total inflammatory load on your body, so that your body's own innate detox processes can take place more efficiently.

Many people find they feel so good eliminating certain foods, that they do not wish to put those foods (like sugar) back in their regular food plan after doing the program.

Can I exercise on this program?

You know your body best.  If you exercise daily and you feel well enough to exercise on the program - yes!  However, it's also wise to take some time off from heavy activity in order to give your body the space and rest it needs to be the most effective at the actual detox process - which requires a lot of energy.

Gentle exercises like walking, yoga, stretching, tai chi, swimming and slow stationary biking are good activities to stimulate lymphatic drainage and facilitate the detox process.

Ten days off from the gym won't impact you negatively at all. In fact, many people find they actually lose more weight, the more rest they give their bodies during this time.

There are also lifestyle considerations as a part of the detox program. I encourage people to de-clutter other "toxins" from their lives: excess stress, busy-work, television news, social media, difficult people, unnecessary projects, etc.

What can I do to prepare for healthy, happy months ahead?

Getting ready for the Springboard program is just as much fun as participating in the program. I like to call this phase the "pre-tox." In other words, you can start NOW by clearing out some of the clutter in your life, your kitchen, your pantry and your grocery cart.

Take some time before you start the Springboard program to make some lists and answer some challenging questions about your life:

  • what do you hope to accomplish?
  • what are your big health goals for this year?
  • how do you see yourself being successful - at steps both big and small?
  • who supports you in these goals?
  • what foods are in your way to being the healthiest version of myself?
  • are there any other obstacles in the way of your positive changes?
  • what unhealthy habits will be hardest to break?

Next, start saving for this program. It is an investment! There is tremendous value in a program like this, but saving up and being financially, emotionallly and physically ready to take the plunge is of utmost importance!

The more you put in to this program, the more you will get out of it.

I am here to help!

Do you still have questions?

Please get in touch with me and let's talk about how this program can be a big part of your new healthy, happy life!

People Love the Springboard Program

"I wanted to do a real detox this spring, but I was super nervous. I was afraid of being hungry. Sara showed me that real detox means eating real food. I have never felt better!  The best part - I lost 4 pounds of fat - in 10 days! Seeing my results has helped me stick with it."
~ Annie K.

"I love working one-on-one with Sara for my annual spring detox. My husband is doing it with me this year. He agrees - this is a sure-fire way to see results in a short period of time."
~ Bethanny 

"In the winter, I get lazy. Springboard program helps me remember and stick to the good habits that help me feel better for the rest of the year. I know when the holidays come around again, I have earned that pumpkin pie."
~ Brian

"I plan to do the Adult Advanced Program eventually. But, for financial reasons, doing the Springboard right now makes the most sense. I am learning how to eat again, how to love healthy foods, and I am believing in my body to get healthy. This is the right jump-start for me.  Sara makes it easy."
~ Kris Ann

Share the gift of the Springboard program with your friends and family and start your summer off right!


Springboard Detox (10 day program) includes:

Nutrition Sessions - one 50-minute session
This session allows me to give you guidance on your personalized approach to the program. I will carefully review your health history through a short intake you will fill out in my office.

We will discuss your goals, a timeline for implementation of the detox, and strategies to be successful during the 10-day program. We will read through the basics of the program together - leaving nothing to chance and no surprises!

You will feel ready, fearless, and excited to get started when you leave! 

Bio-Impedance Analysis Tests - two tests
We start with a “before” test in order to best understand your unique body composition, hydration status, resting metabolic rate and cellular health status. Many of our goals will be dependant on this test and my interpretation.

We get to do the “after” test after you complete the Metagenics Clear Change metabolic detoxification program, so we literally get to see the fruits of your hard work.

People are often amazed at their results!

Clear Change® 10 Day Program with UltraClear® RENEW
The Clear Change® 10-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW® is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities, providing energy and support for overall well-being.

Metabolic detoxification is a natural bodily process that consists of 3 major detoxification pathways: Phase I (functionalization), Phase II (conjugation), and Phase III (antiporter activity).

In this process, fat soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be excreted.

This 10-day supplement and food-based program is ideal for anyone wanting to benefit from assisted detoxification.

The detox kit contains

  • UltraClear® RENEW Powder
  • AdvaClear® Capsules
  • Free shaker cup
  • Program guide with menu plan

Payment options

  • Pay in full $645