Partnership Program 12 Months

For anyone who has completed any of the introductory programs, and desires ongoing accountability.

If you have recently completed one of my other nutrition programs, you are probably feeling pretty good right now.

So much has changed for you and/or your family, and you are enjoying newfound healthy habits.

You have already met some of your goals and you envision a new lifelong commitment to health through nutrition.

You feel like you have the tools to keep the momentum going, but you desire to check-in on a regular basis for additional questions and needs as they arise.

You might be wondering “What’s next?”

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Your Partner in Health

You have applied holistic principles to your life and ultimately made major changes for the better. You are so awesome!

You want to keep growing and learning - you know the success of your progress can be furthered by regular and consistent follow-ups.

This program has the most connection and accountability of any of the follow-up programs.

Are there complexities or longer phases of your customized plan that favor a slower pace?

Do you need more guidance for weight loss?

Still working on your cooking savvy and meal planning skills?

Are you juggling lots in the way of work/life balance and needing an anchor?

Do coaching sessions motivate and inspire you?

Let’s stay on the path of forward momentum!

Together, we have made strides towards greater health and achieving all your goals and dreams.

Through the Partnership Program, together we will:

  • Tweak your customized nutrition plan.
  • Explore more about healthy food choices, smart grocery store shopping, savvy food-label reading, inspirational recipes, seasonal changes and more!
  • Work closely together to foster the accoutability you deserve to make these big life changes!
  • Focus on the details to ensure the nutrition changes taking place are suitable for your life and lifestyle, match your tastes and preferences, and fit with your timeline for success.

This program helps you maintain continuity through a customized nutrition solution for your BEST HEALTH EVER - full of energy, vibrance and joy for life!


When to start

Ideally, this program begins as soon as you complete any of the initial programs. This is a 12 month program to ensure we continue the supportive and correct nutrition for you.

Any client wishing to register for a continuation package in the final month of their current program is eligible for a 20% discount.

You have flexibility to use the Nutrition Sessions when you want within the 12 month time period.

For ease of planning, many people schedule one nutrition session every other month within the program year timeframe.

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Partnership Program (12 month plan) includes:

Nutrition Sessions - three 60-minute follow ups
These follow-up sessions help us stay focused on the program, review additional details when they arise, adjust your personalized supplement regimen and further the customized nutrition program in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Nutrition Sessions - three 30-minute follow ups
These shorter sessions are great check-ins for your program. Sometimes you need more opportunities to ask questions, review details of your customized plan, or adapt aspects of the plan if things are still shifting with your health status.