Couple Fertility Focus Program 4 Months

For couples who want to get started on a plan with the best foods & supplements before starting a family. 

Are you having difficulty becoming pregnant, or is a specific medical diagnosis of infertility causing concern? Are you wondering what foods and supplements are best for you during the preconception phase of starting a family?

Many women don’t know they are pregnant for several weeks after conception, so embarking upon a nutrition program while you are “trying” will help provide baby with the nutrients that are essential during even the earliest phases of development. A nutrition therapy program will help you navigate this exciting - and sometimes confusing - time of life, and will ultimately help promote pregnancy.

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Best For baby

Preparing your body before having a family is one of the most important things you can do.  Baby’s lifelong susceptibility to disease, brain function and  organ health are all directly influenced by your nutritional status. Your nutritional status also influences baby’s hormones, metabolism, intelligence and even personality and behavior.

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Best For mom

Many new mothers struggle in the postpartum period strictly because their nutritional status was less than perfect before they conceived a baby. Postpartum depression, anxiety, hormone imbalance, night sweats, thyroid issues and unwanted weight gain can all be avoided after baby comes if you prepare before baby.

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Ancient wisdom + modern science

Every ancient culture around the globe instinctively knew these things, and therefore fed sacred fertility foods to the women in their village who wished to conceive. This prized knowledge was then passed on from generation to generation in order to keep families healthy, strong and living long lives.

Today, we know that traditional conception foods and nutritional preparation practices are scientifically sound. Research shows that the way our ancestors ate protected their future generations by solidifying genetic material, carrying the best traits of the parents forward, and preventing disease in both parents and offspring.

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Infertility rising

Unfortunately, in our modern culture, infertility is on the rise. Perhaps misinformed food and lifestyle choices are a major contributor. So, it stands that proper, well-researched nutrition and holistic health principles ought to play a significant role in helping couples successfully conceive.

For many women, becoming pregnant isn’t something that just “happens.” A woman many spend her early adult years trying to avoid getting pregnant, then only realize her personal challenges with menstrual cycles, hormone balance, luteal phase length etc., when trying to start her family.

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Don't forget dad

Men also have specific nutritional needs for enhancing the motility, quality and total count of their sperm. And, most men do not know what those needs are, or how to eat for optimum reproductive vitality. Ahem, it takes two to tango. Dads-to-be need to be in the know.

By educating the woman and the man about nourishing foods, as well as those that reduce fertility, an effective nutrition program tailored specifically to you can be valuable before turning to conventional fertility treatments.

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When to start

Are you just thinking about starting your family? Good, now is the time before your baby is even a twinkle in your eye. Let’s get started with detoxification and restoring nutritional deficiencies to make this whole process go so smoothly. I suggest we meet starting 6-12 months prior to conception.

An egg needs approximately 4 months to fully develop and mature, so this is a 4-month program. It is a good idea to prepare your body as soon as you can.

For those also using a fertility specialist, and preparing for IUI or IVF, starting on a personalized nutrition program in advance of those procedures can maximize your chances for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

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Couple's Fertility Focus Program (4 month plan) includes:

New Client Intake Session/Couple + Customized Plan
This is a 90-minute initial intake session for a couple trying to conceive. We will have a detailed intake for both partners. Utilizing existing labs, medical history paperwork, goal setting documents, action plan exercises, we will come away with knowing the exact direction we want to go for your customized nutrition program to boost fertility.

Nutrition Sessions - three 50-minute follow ups
These sessions help us stay focused on the program, review additional labs when they come in, prepare personalized supplement regimens for both partners, and implement the customized nutrition program in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Bio-Impedance Analysis Tests - four tests
We start with a “before” test for each partner in order to best understand your unique body composition, hydration status, resting metabolic rate and cellular health status. Many of our goals will be dependant on this test and my interpretation. We get to do the “after” test for each partner once we have started to implement the customized nutrition program, so we literally get to see the fruits of your hard work.

Spectracell Micronutrient Test - two tests
The Spectracell Micronutrient Test is the very best tool available for me to assess your individual nutrient needs. This test is not a diagnostic test, but it’s predictive in that we can look at deficiencies, borderline nutrients, patterns and correlations in order to understand exactly what your body needs in terms of foods and vitamins. Each partner’s nutrient status is tested.

Payment options

  • Pay in full $2,402
  • 4 monthly payments of $720.50