Adult Advanced Program 4 Months

For an adult with complex health issues or symptoms, and nutritional deficiencies may be at your root cause.

Are you feeling unwell, tired, and unsure about what is causing your myriad symptoms? Have you received a recent diagnosis? Are you finding yourself in a whole new world of challenges - physically, emotionally and mentally - and you suspect nutritional deficiencies are at your root cause? Do you have one of the following conditions?
  • autoimmune conditions
  • seasonal allergies, skin issues
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • digestive disorders
  • thyroid conditions
  • hormone imbalance
  • stress, low energy, fatigue, poor sleep quality
  • weight concerns, poor body composition
  • post-partum concerns
The root of many disorders may be stress, poor food or lifestyle choices, prescriptions, genetics, a virus, or all of the above. I can help you uncover your root cause and get you on a path towards greater health and achieving all your goals and dreams.
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Finding your root cause

Years ago, while becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist, I applied holistic principles to my own life and healed (reversed!) my autoimmune diseases. I have since worked with hundreds of people to help them do the very same thing. That may sound like a miracle to some, but many health conditions are reversible through changing diet and lifestyle habits and balancing the immune system. The root of many disorders may be stress, poor food or lifestyle choices, prescriptions, genetics, a virus, or all of the above. I can help you uncover your root cause and get you on a path towards greater health and achieving all your goals and dreams. Through the Adult Advanced Program, together we will:
  • Advocate for personal management and understanding of your health goals and needs.
  • Measure and assess your individual nutritional requirements and food antigen sensitivities.
  • Develop and implement a customized nutritional plan.
  • Discover healthy food choices, smart grocery store shopping, savvy food-label reading, and proper knowledge of food origin, quality and composition.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers to support your continuity of care - it takes a village!
This program helps you navigate - with mindfulness - a healthy solution for your BEST HEALTH EVER.
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When to start

When the challenges of living a normal life have become overwhelming. When your doctor or another practitioner recommends it’s time to look more closely at your nutrition for health reasons. When you have tried other avenues with little or no success and need a reboot - it’s time to start the Adult Advanced Program. I am here to help. This is a 4 month program to ensure we create the most gentle, loving, supportive and correct eating plan for you. It is common to add on additional follow ups as needed after completing the initial Advanced Adult Program to monitor and retain your renewed health for the long-term.
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Adult Advanced Program (4 month plan) includes:

New Client Intake Session/Individual + Customized Plan
This is a 75-minute initial intake session for an adult who has complex medical issues.

Utilizing existing labs, medical history paperwork, goal setting documents, action plan exercises, we will come away with knowing the exact direction we want to go for a customized nutrition program to boost your health and vitality.

Nutrition Sessions - five 60-minute follow ups
These sessions helps us stay focused on the program, review additional details when they arise, prepare a personalized supplement regimen and implement the customized nutrition program in a meaningful, sustainable way.

Bio-Impedance Analysis Tests - three tests
We start with a “before” test in order to best understand your unique body composition, hydration status, resting metabolic rate and cellular health status.

Many of our goals will be dependant on this test and my interpretation. We get to do two additional tests once we have started to implement the customized nutrition program so we literally get to see the fruits of your hard work.


*Spectracell Micronutrient Test - one test 
The Spectracell Micronutrient Test is the very best tool available for me to assess your individual nutrient needs.

This test is not a diagnostic test, but it’s predictive in that we can look at deficiencies, borderline nutrients, patterns and correlations in order to understand exactly what your body needs in terms of foods and vitamins.

The nutrients we replenish thoughtfully will likely change your life and restore your health and vitality.


*Food Inflammation Test (FIT) - one test
Inflammation from food reactions shows up in a variety of ways, including digestive, skin, sleep, mood, malnutrition and immune system disorders. So, I use this very helpful test which employs unique methods to detect both IgG antibodies and complement antigens to determine your reactivity to 132 foods, colorings and additives.

The IgG and antigen methods yield more complete profiles of the various foods that may cause food sensitivities.

The FIT test is the most sensitive food inflammation test available. The information we glean from this test helps us assess your gut and immune health and can steer us in the right direction for making concrete and effective changes to your nutrition plan.

Even those with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, but with few complaints or symptoms, benefit by understanding what level of support is needed to enhance their health and vitality through foods.

Simple pin-prick sample collection makes this an easy and effective test for all ages.


*Lab tests are paid for separately via the Evexia lab portal at the time of your New Client Intake Session. Please plan for these lab test costs as part of your overall nutrition program investment. Unless otherwise discussed at the time of your initial free phone consultation (because for some specific reason they are contraindicated), these lab tests are required as part of every customized nutrition program. Lab tests are necessary for your success - "test, don't guess"!

Additional functional nutrition tests are also available a la carte.

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