Just imagine, how much easier our lives would be if we were born with a User’s Guide.

– Erika M. Szabo

Science-based, Yet Down To Earth

Anyone can surf the Web for info, or buy the latest health book on Amazon.

A doctor tells you one thing, a friend another, you read something in a fitness magazine, or you see supplements on the shelf at Costco - we are bombarded with confusing information about how to manage our health.

I believe there is only one right answer, and that is the one inside of you.

As your health advocate, I want to help you find the answer.

Employing a scientific approach, I utilize many tools which will help you feel amazing as soon as possible.

In the beginning, there will be paperwork, laboratory tests, a food and lifestyle journal, possibly a consult with one of your other providers if helpful, and comprehensive medical history.

I love putting all the pieces together with you as my guide. What are the top priorities? Goal-setting will help you decide.

My recommendations for you will feel great - because you will help initiate them - and there will be no surprises.

Holistic Nutrition Gives You An Edge

Your body knows exactly how to heal and how to handle disease. That is called homeostasis, or creating balance in the body.

The problem is, we often get in our own way. We take too many medicines, self-soothe with a nightly glass of wine (or two), or eat comforting foods to get us through a tough week.

When we are no longer “whole”, the parts seem to crumble around us.

Holistic nutrition is an approach to health which uncovers what obstacles are in your way, in your family’s way, in your body’s way, and how this translates to lack of optimal health, lack of vibrancy, lack of joy.

So we can turn things around.

Holistic nutrition is functional and holistic, focusing on your specific and perfect combination of foods, supplements, lifestyle and body/mind elements to help you feel and be your very best.

Food is the greatest medicine. Foods in your new plan will be exactly what your body needs, craves, loves and thrives on. But, we will talk about way more than just what you eat.

Did you know your home, job, kids, relationships, sleep habits, self care routine and exercise are all of equal importance to the food you put in your body?

Your whole self needs perfect balance in order to reap the full benefits of nutritional therapy.

Holistic nutrition focuses on your specific and perfect combination of foods, supplements, lifestyle and body/mind elements to help you feel and be your very best.

– Sara Peternell, MNT

Your Next Phase

I am here to help uncover the answers.

To ensure you succeed in this exciting new phase of your journey.

To empower your choices around food and lifestyle measures, to support your positive thoughts for powerful and lasting change and to guide you towards your most vibrant health.

After all, there is only this one life. 

Let’s make it great.