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I’m Sara, board certified in holistic nutrition, and an expert in Hashimoto's and thyroid health.

Nearly two decades of nutrition expertise, combined with my experiences having Hashimoto's and Celiac disease, has resulted in a formula for success in working with all of my clients.

My wellness philosophy is holistic and realistic. I strive to change the way people view their bodies and encourage them to live healthier lives.

You too can change your personal nutrition outlook and acquire the skills necessary to making lasting, positive changes. I can show you how.

What Does It Mean to be Nourished and Renewed?

After working with my beloved nutrition clients for decades, I have been a witness to miraculous healing stories and countless lives that have changed when holistic nutrition and spiritual healing go hand in hand.

It’s very simple.
How we nourish our body with healthy food supports our foundation.
How we renew our spirit honors true and lasting healing in our body.

In our modern world, there is too much chatter about what is the right or wrong diet, or right or wrong way to live healthfully.


“Diet” Is More Than What We Eat…

Diet is everything and everyone we consume in our lives. (Almost everything in our lives is a consumable.)

  • Foods, drinks, drugs, alcohol
  • What we put on our skin
  • What we use to clean our homes
  • Our clothing, textiles in our homes
  • Exposure to infection/pathogens
  • Being in nature
  • The environment where we spend most of our time, such as sitting in the office under florescent lighting in a concrete building
  • Relationships and interactions with other humans and pets
  • Emotional experiences and connections with others
  • Practicing therapy, emotional intake, and release of experiences
  • Ideas, and beliefs, and digital input from social media/news
  • Affirmations, prayer, religious or mystical practices and modalities
  • And so much more

All of the above consumables are not separate, nor are they individually unique in their ability to create or heal disease.

None of these consumables work in isolation.

Disease cannot be created or healed by changing or adjusting individual consumables.

That is because our physical body, our vessel, is literally a holding tank for every life experience on the micro level (what we eat for lunch, for example) and on the macro level (ultimately, the life you are destined to live).

Listen to your body, slow down, take stock of what needs to shift.

- Sara Peternell, MNT

There Is No One Perfect Formula For Health

You probably have noticed in your own life that just by “doing everything right,” good health is not automatically achieved. For example, eating salads, exercising, meditating, etc., are all very “good” and can be a part of your total wellness toolbox.

However, if your inner world of emotions, traumas, our relationships, stress levels, connection to a greater power, and in essence, your spirit, are ignored, you are in fact starved well beyond what lacks from nutrition alone.

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To Be Nourished and Renewed Is To Become Whole and Healed

I offer a holistic health program that combines

  • nutrition work to empower you to honor and love yourself with food that nourishes your body
  • energy work to inspire you to honor and love yourself with inner work that renews your spirit

It is my pleasure to be with you on your healing journey. Let’s get started.

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