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Back By Popular Demand

Making Your Strong Pandemic Health Plan

This program was originally held as a live Zoom interactive workshop.

By popular demand, the recording and handouts have been made available for those who wish to access the information on their own at a later date.

Strategies for the following 3 most important things during the Pandemic Outbreak:

  1. Top supplements to boost your immune system
    • + how to get access to many of these hard-to-get supplements. (many trusted, high-quality supplement manufacturers, are low on the raw materials needed to make the most needed formulas right now).
  2. Which foods to focus on 
    • + How to find suitable substitutes during times of panic buying.
  3. Lifestyle measures that you and your family can take to stay safe during these challenging times.

📄You will also receive a handout with all of my top recommendations that you can print and post at home.

🥘 + immune boosting recipes that you can cook for yourself and your family at home.