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Last updated: 14 May 2020

My COVID19 Antibody Test Results

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory (ELISA method of testing)


IGeneX (ImmunoBlot method of testing)


I was sick in January/February 2020 and diagnosed with "walking pneumonia.” So, naturally, I was curious if I was an early COVID19 case - especially since we spent so much time in Eagle County, Colorado, in the winter months skiing (Eagle was an early hotspot, and is a very international ski town).

My results are indeed conflicting and confusing. Both tests have high sensitivity, and nearly 100% specificity. The ELISA method is from an FDA-approved test kit and the ImmunoBlot test is similar technology to what is being used by many of the government testing facilities.

Clearly, the antibody testing in our country is not up to par and might never will be.

My results indicate that I ought to continue to practice safety measures for myself, my family, my clients and my community. If and when a perfect test is available, I may re-test and see if there is a tie-breaker.

In the meantime, I continue to support my body and immune system with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Pandemic Resources For Hashimoto's and Guided Workshops

YouTube Videos

Hashimoto's & Autoimmune Disease + Pandemic

Pandemic Interview with Dr. Brieanna Seefeldt, DO

Keeping Kids Healthy During Pandemic 

Hashimoto's and Pandemic Update - What We Know About Zinc

• Coming soon: more Hashimoto’s + Pandemic YouTube videos...


Stay At Home Family Nutrition

Meal Prep Sunday Program (includes gluten-free and vegetarian options.)

This is a total-support meal prep program that outlines everything you need to prepare for 15 meals (+snacks!) for the week in ~2 hours!


Previously Live Zoom Interactive Workshop

Your Strong Pandemic Health Plan

Nutrition To Boost Immunity

Blog posts

Keep Your Family Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Eat Soup For Winter Wellness

YouTube Videos

How Magnesium Will Keep You Healthy This Flu Season

Should Kids Take Vitamin D Supplements?

Healthy Food Companies

Kettle & Fire - bone broth to stock up on at home.

Thrive Market - your favorite organic pantry foods delivered to your door.

Sunbasket - healthy and delicious meal kits with organic produce.


Healthy Lifestyle Companies

Peloton - an incredible indoor cycling experience in the comfort of your own home. Use code ZX2KHP to get $100 off your purchase!

Joy Organics - the very best CBD products for anxiety, pain, sleep and more.

Calm Meditation - download this app and meditation subscription to your smartphone for peaceful guided sleep stories and meditations.

Aires Tech - Finding yourself online waaaayyyy more since the pandemic started? Use these radiation protection products (available for all types of personal electronic devices, big and small) to keep you and your loved ones safe.

I have the Aires Shield Pro on my phone and the Aires Defender Pro in a little pouch that I can take with me anywhere. Get a 10% discount coupon when you enter "sarapeternell10" at checkout!

Community Partners

• True Health Labs: COVID-19 antibody testing is available now!

• Telemedicine & Primary Care: Direct Osteopathic Primary Care with Brieanna Seefeldt, DO

• Meditation Course: The Rebel Brain with Mariah Ehlert

• Streaming Yoga Classes: Ohana Yoga & Barre

• Other tests available which are more affordable, but may not be as accurate include:

• National Jewish Health: Testing for Acute infection or for antibodies

• Quest Diagnostic Antibody Test: You can order it yourself, and go to lab for draw.

• Pixel Labcorp Acute Infection: swab test for home

• Stride Clinic: IGg antibody testing