Corporate Nutrition

Are you worried that poor health and nutrition among your employees is costing your company too much money? You are not alone.

In a national survey by Bank of America, 72 percent of small-business owners said they are concerned about rising health-care costs. According to the Health Research Institute, 2018’s medical cost trend is predicted to be 6.5%, the first uptick in growth in three years.

That means businesses will have to tackle the rising price of services as well as the rate of utilization in order to reduce their medical cost trend in the future. That is quite an undertaking when you are focused on your business’s success and bottom line.

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The role of nutrition in health

Did you know increasing rates of obesity and disease, rising health insurance claims, employee absences, and hindered productivity are ALL related to what your employees are EATING?

Employees who eat fast food, junk food, sodas, excess sugar, sodium, poor fats and refined carbohydrates are generally unwell individuals. Combine their poor eating with an array of physical symptoms, stressful mindsets and too much time being sedentary, and it’s no wonder your employees are not just unhealthy - but unhappy too. Consider this - unwell employees have chronic pain, take increased amounts of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines, are more likely to be depressed, and even may have complex health concerns in the coming decades of their lives. All on your dollar.

Health care costs can be lowered if employees are educated and inspired to eat healthier and to take better care of themselves, plus working in a positive-wellness office environment.

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Corporate nutrition works!

Improving employee health should be your top reason for implementing a workplace nutrition program. Corporate environments are full of erratic schedules, stressful environments, deadlines and tasks which can be demanding on one’s health. But, you can turn that around. You can promote and foster a healthy work environment, and be the wellness champion for your employees.

Imagine an office place where folks are…

  • consuming filtered water instead of bottled sodas
  • bringing in healthy snacks of fresh fruits and veggies to share instead of refilling the candy jar
  • packing healthy brown bag lunches instead of hitting the drive through
  • taking walking meetings instead of sitting in their offices
  • congratulating each other on meeting their goals!
  • having fun while getting healthy
  • thanking YOU - their employer - for all the positive rewards of their company nutrition program!

Corporate nutrition programs are designed to help your team be physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Healthy employees = better employees!

Benefits for employers

  • Lower company expenses and health-care costs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve well-being, job satisfaction and retention rates among employees
  • Foster positive outcomes for your employees’ long term health

Benefits for employees

  • Complete job responsibilities and have more energy to give to your family at home
  • Reduce stress while on the job
  • Lose weight, sleep better, feel better and make lasting changes that will serve you in the future
  • Participate in a group wellness program which promotes camaraderie, support and accountability with your co-workers

Choose the best format for your company

Group format

This is the perfect way to start bringing educational information to your employees in a fun, interactive, and easy to implement format. Groups can gather over lunch, in the conference room, before or after work, and can easily be brought together in an online environment, taking little time away from their busy schedules.

1 hour “Lunch & Learn” sessions take place on-site or via live or recorded webinar.

Topic examples

  • Stay Healthy on the Road”
  • “Boost Immunity”
  • “Healthy Sugar Habits”
  • “Stress Management in a Crazy World”

Week+ Health Programs take place over several consecutive days and are interactive, measurable and rewarding.

Topic examples 

  • “Clear Change Detox Program: In Just 10 Days Your Team Can Lose Weight, Boost Energy & Feel Great!”
  • “Get Healthy, Stay Healthy - Food & Lifestyle Modifications for Healthy Employees”
  • “Understand Your Body Type to Discover Your Best Food, Lifestyle & Self Care Options”

Individualized program format

I am happy to tailor the perfect customized nutrition program for your team. For some companies, working directly with me on-site in your facility through individualized nutrition sessions and personalized plans for employees is the best and fastest route to success.

Individual program options may include:

  • Individualized employee nutrition intake session with medical history, lab review, goal setting and follow ups
  • Bio-impedance analysis (bio-markers tests) for learning body composition (including body fat), cellular health, hydration, and basal metabolic rate metrics
  • Food and lifestyle journal
  • Supplementation guide
  • Dining out, holiday & travel guide
  • Water & hydration guide
  • Alcohol guide
  • Sugar guide
  • Proper portions guide
  • Recipes

Depending on the size and unique needs of your company, most programs entail a combination of the group format plus individualized services.

For details and pricing information on corporate nutrition programs, please contact me.