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hashis and hair loss

How Hashimoto’s May Be To Blame for Bad Hair Days

There is something about hair loss that is a real blow to your self-esteem. It can be scary and make you feel less feminine or masculine. And our hair is one of the first things people notice about us…
hashis and ED

Hashimoto’s and Estrogen Dominance: How Hormones Play Off Each Other

Does Estrogen Dominance Complicate Hashimoto’s Disease? How many times have you said, “Ugh, my hormones are so out of whack!” My own hormones have been out of whack. Yep, mine. So, this subject …
hashis and blood sugar

Support Your Thyroid & Balance Blood Sugar With These Nutrition Tips

Blood Sugar Struggles with Hashimoto’s Living with, let alone thriving with, Hashimoto’s can be an ongoing struggle. But when you are additionally struggling with diabetes, it can be downright ove…
magnesium cover

Magnesium for Your Health & A Healthy Thyroid

One of the Most Important Nutrients For Your Health Magnesium might just be a miracle mineral. I know – that sounds too good to be true. But, honestly, when clients ask me about the single most …
Soup cover

We Skip Flu Shots & Eat Soup Instead For Winter Wellness

“Is it really necessary to get the flu shot?” That’s the most common question I get this time of the year. So, in this article, I do my best to answer this question and address what …

Infertility Rising: The 4 Hidden Reasons Why Many Women Cannot Conceive

Rob and Jenny are just 32 years old. And, they have a lot riding on an upcoming in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) procedure. Two years ago, Jenny was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. It is a cond…
kids brains

Nutrition for Growing Brains & How to Reduce Symptoms of ADHD in Kids

Back to School Brain News So, your head is spinning from all the back-to-school hullabaloo and stressors, and you might not think a blog post about super-nutrition for kids’ brains is ultra importan…
weight loss

Why Less is More For Weight Loss When You Have Hashimoto’s

Meet Annaleese, A Typical Hashimoto’s Mom Her weight had shot up about 20 pounds seemingly overnight. Stressed out, tired. Running from place to place for her kids, job, extended family and as an ac…
MTHFR cover

Is Hashimoto’s in Your Genes? Understanding MTHFR

First, What Do Genes Have to Do With Health? I have been working on writing this for some time now. I am super excited about the subject of genes and health (and Hashimoto’s!). And, this post will b…
hashimoto's and men cover

Men & Hashimoto’s: Not Just a “Female Problem”

Men’s Thyroids Are Often Overlooked I have many gentlemen clients with Hashimoto’s. This is fascinating to me because typically, Hashimoto’s is a women-dominant illness. But, what I am seeing mo…

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