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I’m a board certified holistic nutritionist and expert in family nutrition.

I’m also an avid public speaker on health and nutrition, and the co-author of a bestselling baby food cookbook.

I am super passionate about creating customized nutrition programs for people just like you...

People with autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, digestive troubles, infertility, and food sensitivities.

My wellness philosophy is holistic and realistic. I strive to change the way people view their bodies and encourage them to live healthier lives.

You too can change your personal nutrition outlook and acquire the skills necessary to making lasting, positive changes. I can show you how.

Nearly two decades of nutrition expertise, combined with my experience as a mom, has resulted in a formula for success in working with all of my clients.

I believe that resolving underlying health issues results in a lifetime of vitality, enjoyment, and a new love of eating.

- Sara Peternell, MNT

Why family nutrition matters

You and your family have important goals and dreams.

But, if you are not feeling your most vital, healthy and whole self, those goals will be difficult to achieve. Your dreams might be like mine and many other families I know:
  • fewer sick days, less time missed for work and school

  • improved learning and creativity

  • more play time, fun doing things together

  • positive behavior, sleep and moods

  • stronger relationships inside and outside the family

  • inspired work in their jobs, schools, community and beyond


Healthy people can achieve anything!

For me, everything I studied and mastered with nutrition really clicked when my kids needed nutritional support at an early age.

Whether it was digestive, skin or behavioral issues, I knew as their mom, and as a nutritionist, that nutritional therapy was our foundation for true healing. My instinct to provide “food as medicine” has never let us down in any situation. Most diseases have a root cause. Years ago, while becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), I applied holistic principles to my own life and healed (reversed!) my autoimmune diseases. That may sound like a miracle to some, but many health conditions are reversible through changing diet and lifestyle habits and balancing the immune system.
  • autoimmune diseases
  • thyroid disorders
  • digestive troubles
  • infertility
  • hormone imbalance
  • food sensitivities
...all have something in common... The root of these disorders may be stress, poor food or lifestyle choices, prescriptions, genetics, a virus, or all of the above. I can help you, and your family, uncover your root cause and get you on a path towards greater health and achieving all your goals and dreams because together we will
  • Advocate for personal management and understanding of your health goals and needs.
  • Measure and assess your individual nutritional requirements.
  • Develop and implement a customized nutritional plan.
  • Discover healthy food choices, smart grocery store shopping, savvy food-label reading, and proper knowledge of food origin, quality and composition.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers to support your continuity of care - it takes a village!
Find out how you can work with me.

Listen to your body, slow down, take stock of what needs to shift.

- Sara Peternell, MNT

Events & Workshops

Available for the following 90-minute presentations

The following 90-minute presentation topics are great educational opportunities for any group. I love speaking and can come to your wellness community meeting, parent group, school, yoga workshop or any other venue.
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Please contact me to discuss pricing and scheduling for your organization.
  • Raising Kids with Healthy Sugar Habits
  • Healthy Woman’s Nutrition Plan
  • Trimester by Trimester Pregnancy Plan
  • Nutrition for the New Mother
  • Introducing Solid Foods to Baby
  • Taming Toddler Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition

Customized corporate and group programs

Corporate nutrition programs are designed to help your team be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Customized group and individual formats are available.
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Please contact me and I will give you a proposal for the perfect nutrition program for your team, possibly implementing one of the following workshops:
  • Clear Change Detox Program: In Just 10 Days Your Team Can Lose Weight, Boost Energy & Feel Great!
  • Get Healthy, Stay Healthy - Food & Lifestyle Modifications for Healthy Employees
  • Use Your Body Type to Discover Your Best Food, Lifestyle & Self Care Options

Featured & Press

My New Book

Coming in 2018…

The New Family Food Rules is the first family nutrition book by a board-certified holistic nutritionist and family nutrition expert. Sara Peternell, MNT, owns her own nutrition practice serving families and understands what really matters when it comes to food. Sara Peternell’s upcoming book, The New Family Food Rules, discusses the various needs of families, the importance of fun, the complexities of supporting different needs within a family unit, and includes the resources and tools to make planning and cooking easy, all while having a common sense approach. The New Family Food Rules will be an incredibly valuable guide for all families. What works in a family setting - to elevate the nutritional impact - without confusing recipes, meal plans, guilt, drama and dogma? 1) sort out family goals 2) create a vision for better health and nutrition 3) put the plan into action. The 3-step approach in The New Family Food Rules makes each family’s plan unique, customized, flexible, and quickly and easily adopted right away by each member of the family. "Read the book, do the worksheets, take the quizzes, find the foundation for your family and go from there!”  - Sara Peternell, MNT Quizzes and worksheets help steer a family to the appropriate foundation plan, complete with guidelines, meal plan outlines, EASY recipes, snack lists, grocery lists, and more! The New Family Food Rules is hands-on, fun, and everyone gets to provide input (sections for parents AND kids to all fill out!). The New Family Food Rules is for families of all ages - from families with little babies, to picky toddlers, to school aged kids (think lunch boxes and soccer snacks!), to crazy teens, and even for empty nesters or couples getting back to the basics for a family of two.

Books I've Written

I co-authored Little Foodie: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste, a best-seller on Amazon and in bookstores. This liberating cookbook is for the newest eater in your family and encourages foodie parents to think beyond the baby food aisle. You can find over 100 recipes for babies and toddlers, and for the whole family. The book includes detailed nutrition information and step-by-step support for introducing baby’s first foods. All your Q&A about feeding baby - and your family - can be found in one fun, and beautifully photographed cookbook.
Ten Spring Inspired Baby Food Recipes is a gorgeous eBook with fresh, original and delicious spring fare just for babies. I co-authored this book, and provide all of the nutritional analysis of recipes and foods. You will enjoy making the recipes and feeding them to your little one. References about the health of the foods let you know you are on track for supporting baby’s health. I wrote the forward for The Hashimoto's 4-Week Plan: A Holistic Guide to Treating Hypothyroidism because it took me years of trial and error and in-depth nutrition studies to find my way to better health. I wish I had had The Hashimoto’s 4-Week Plan when I was first diagnosed. This is the book I recommend to my own clients who come to me seeking nutritional advice for managing their Hashimoto’s.


Affiliations & selected continuing education

In order to serve families with the best, most current research and advanced nutritional science, I have attended numerous continuing education conferences, summits, trainings and workshops.