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Who Can Benefit from a Clear Change?

You might be a first-time Clear Change participant, or maybe it is time for your annual detox routine. Can you fit in just 10 days for clean eating and total-body healing? Participating in the Clear Change program is suited to year-round health and wellness needs, and the benefits vary from season to season. The program is simple to follow, includes eating real foods, and you will have all of the necessary supplements to support you in achieving your goals.


When to Embark on the Clear Change

Spring is the optimal time to detox. In the spring, it’s about shaking off weight of winter and getting revved up for summer. The abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, lighter fare, and warm weather makes spring and early summer Mother Nature's perfect and natural detox season.  Our bodies go through a bit of a natural "cleanse" during these months regardless of what we do to help support the process.  

Whereas autumn and winter may feel like a time to hunker down and get back to work, these seasons also are an optimal time to engage in the Clear Change program. I like to think that in the fall and winter, we need to be more intentioned and purposeful about our decision to participate in a cleansing program. Even just acknowledging that we’re overly busy, slowing down, and restoring the body has a profound effect on our overall wellness.  All of the stagnant physical and psychic energy in the fall and winter can lead to mental and physical burnout, stressing our adrenals and nervous system and putting some of the body’s natural detoxification processes on hold.  Cold-weather detox foods are more warming, grounding, satiating and building - think soups, stews, roasted veggies and bone broths.


What Systems Will Benefit from Clear Change?

For just a moment, consider the liver. It is the body’s primary detoxifier and one of the main organs in which excess toxins can accumulate and cause problems. The liver processes not only the foods and drinks we ingest but also many of the chemicals we encounter on a daily basis. And when the liver gets overloaded with excess toxins, so do we. An overtaxed liver can result in migraines, irritability, rashes, anger, and more. We get tired, we get sick, and we gain or lose too much weight. The toxins our body cannot process also contribute to emotional malaise.  In the spring and summer, this "stickiness" shows up as fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains, digestive problems, and even lack of creativity and motivation.  In the fall and winter, toxicity looks like hormonal shifts, brain fog, seasonal affectiveness disorder,  or “winter blues.” Not to mention, toxicity in the colder seasons of the year creates an appealing host environment for cold and flu viruses that blow in on autumn’s winds.


How Else Might My Life Change?

I work with my clients to personalize a detoxification program which may include a simplified diet, supplements, support, and opportunities for reflection. During the detox time period, you’ll forgo substances and habits that contribute to liver overload such as processed foods or alcohol and the unaddressed stress that strains your nervous system. You’ll also spend time thinking about what influences you want to keep in your life and what you might want to let go. Through an annual or bi-annual cleanse, you have space to establish the good habits you need to create the kind of health and vibrancy you want for the coming months ahead. No matter what time of year it is, listen to your body, slow down, take stock of what needs to shift.  Clear Change might be just the boost you need to help you push through to the next wonderful thing.

Read more about what is included, and order your own kit online: Clear Change 10-Day Detoxification Program.

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