Babies and Children

Are you currently breastfeeding and having concerns about the quality or quantity of your breastmilk?  Is your baby fussy, gassy, colicky or having digestive, skin or immune system problems?  Have you been told to begin an elimination diet for nursing your baby?

Maybe you are wondering how to introduce your baby to his or her first foods? Are you feeling like making your own baby food is too intimidating? 

Do you have a child with special dietary concerns or allergies? Has someone told you you that your child is not at a healthy weight? Maybe a picky eater is getting you down? 

Properly nourishing babies, toddlers and growing children is one of the most crucial steps in raising a healthy family. The food-related decisions you make now can help to establish healthy eating patterns and influence long-term health for you and your children.

But, it's not always easy!  Moms and Dads often feel like short-order cooks, pleasing the various palates and preferences in the family.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Let's get you on a family plan toward better - and easier - nutritional health for all!

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